Bill Ks Resonation
10/11/2014 Browning Amphitheatre, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Bill Ks Resonation
7/13/2013 Peace Thru Music Fest, Zane Shawnee Caverns, Bellefontaine, Ohio

5/8/2015 Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, Ohio
RESONATE CD Release Party with the Bug Hounds, Terrapin Moon and KrisB's Midnight Railroad TICKETS

6/26/2015 COMFEST Bozo Stage, Goodale Park, Columbus, Ohio 12:45PM for info

9/27/2015 Ohio Hempfest at OSU South Oval, Columbus, Ohio 2:55PM  - 3:45PM with Fox Valley Harvest, 710 Ashbury, Bum Wealthy and more


                     RESONATION / The Resonators have featured:

                 Bill Kurzenberger
- Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Hammond Organ
                 Lou Schocken - Drums
                 Ray Stacy
- Bass Guitar
                 Zack LaDoucer
- Electric Guitar
                 Kevin Kraska
- Electric Guitar, Vocals
                 Chris Beckholt
- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
                 Julie Rearick Kurzenberger
- Vocals
                 Xavier - Electric Guitar
                 Ian Carroll
- Electric Guitar
                 Cliff Starbuck
- Bass Guitar, Vocals
                 Skott Brown - Violin
                 Seth Kafoure - Drums
                 Dave Devore
- Guitar
                 Charlie Roark
- Guitar, Vocals
                 Scot Gassen
- Drums
                 Mike "Dread" Mansour - Electric Guitar, Vocals
                 Bob Petty - Electric Guitar  (R.I.P.)
                 J.J. Jackson - Bass Guitar
                 Christian Gossard
- Drums
Ron Dawson - Electric Guitar
                 Nat Reeb
- Bass Guitar, Vocals
                 Scott Stevenson
- Bass Guitar
                 Rob Shingler
- Harmonica
                 Richard Shack (from The James Gang) - Electric Guitar


(aka Bill Kurzenberger and The Resonators) have performed at:
Woodlands Tavern, Grandview Heights, Ohio
Browning Amphitheater, Ohio State University, Columbus
Ruby Tuesday, Columbus, Ohio
Kobo Live & Oldfields on High, Columbus, Ohio
Peace Thru Music Festival 2013 at Zane Shawnee Caverns
Comfest 2007, Gazebo Stage, Goodale Park, Columbus


7/13/2013 Peace Thru Music Fest at Zane Shawnee Caverns

Five to One ->
All Along the Watchtower
Video courtesy of Buckeye Music Magazine


7/9/2010 Woodlands Tavern (Thirsty Ear Tavern), Columbus, Ohio

For What It's Worth
Ceremony of the Free
* (with Julie) ->
I Know You Rider (with Julie)
Me & Bobby McGee (Julie on lead vocals)
Skeleton Key
Smokestack Lightning
Five to One
Will It Go 'Round in Circles

4/7/2007 Ruby Tuesday, Columbus, Ohio (complete set)

Photo Gallery
Live at Ruby Tuesday 2007 - 2008

April 7, 2007 Ruby Tuesday, Columbus, Ohio
Photos by Giles Clement

Bill Kurzenberger and The Resonators
The Resonators
Julie Rearick on vocals
Richard Shack and Chappy